The first day of the Conference is dedicated to a colloquium for PhD students at all stages from early thought development to near completion. All presenters will gain the opportunity to receive feedback and advice from some of the most experienced senior academics in the field from Europe and the rest of the world. Many who have presented their work in this colloquium over the years now hold academic positions in universities in Europe, Africa, Australia and the USA. All accepted speakers will be given support in travel and accommodation costs (subject to registering and attending the conference).

Guidelines for submission

For PhD students

Submitted papers should be classified according to the stage of development. These stages are:

  • Exploratory papers that address the work that is likely to be carried out in the future. These should be based on a significant literature review, and are likely to come from students who are about to or have recently completed their first year.
  • Development papers that are based on evidence and are at a stage where they may form a significant part of a thesis.
  • Full papers that form a substantial part of a thesis that is near to completion